Statement regarding testing options

COVID-19 Situation

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation we would like to inform all our customers that our laboratory is open for business. There will be some changes that have been put in place to ensure the health & safety of our customers and staff. With this in mind, we are offering the following options to get your product tested.

1. Complete unwitnessed testing

Your product is shipped to the laboratory for testing. You provide us with a setup guide and the testing is performed as per the agreed testing schedule. If there are any failures, we will contact you to resolve the issue without any physical interaction.

2. Initial setup with unwitnessed testing

The customer will be allowed to physically come to our laboratory to set up and demonstrate how the equipment should be exercised and then leaves the laboratory soon thereafter to minimize social contact. If there are any failures we will contact you to resolve the issue without any further physical interaction.

We would like to put a hold on all face-to-face meetings and replace this with alternative options such as Skype until further notice.

Please stay Healthy & Safety in these testing times.

COVID-19 Certificate