SANS / IEC 61000-4-9

Pulse Magnetic Field Immunity

SANS / IEC 61000-4-9

Pulse Magnetic Fields are produced as a result of a large current impulse through a conductor. An example is lightning current flowing through a grounding conductor at a power sub-station. Pulse magnetic fields can also occur in heavy industrial areas where very large current impulses are used in a manufacturing process.

Electronic products are tested for immunity pulse magnetic fields to insure their continued reliable operation when placed in service in a very harsh environment. Although most electrical and electronic products will not have to be tested for pulse magnetic field immunity, the European Union’s EMC Directive may mandate this testing as a condition for obtaining the CE Mark under special circumstances and for specific products before shipping to a member state of the European Union.

Typical levels

  • 5 positive and 5 negative pulses
    100, 300, 1000A/m
  • Repetition period
    No less than 10s