SANS / IEC 60950-1

Information Technology Equipment Safety

Part 1: General requirements

SANS / IEC 60950 is the safety standard applicable to mains-powered or battery-powered information technology equipment, including electrical business equipment and associated equipment, with a rated voltage not exceeding 600 V. The standard is also applicable to such information technology equipment:

  • Designed for use as telecommunication terminal equipment and telecommunication network infrastructure equipment, regardless of the source of power
  • Designed and intended to be connected directly to, or used as infrastructure equipment in, a cable distribution system, regardless of the source of power
  • Designed to use the AC mains supply as a communication transmission medium

The application of SANS / IEC 60950 is intended to reduce the risk of injury or damage due to the following:

  • Electric shock
  • Energy related hazards
  • Fire
  • Heat related hazards
  • Mechanical Hazards
  • Radiation
  • Chemical hazards