Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

  • Quotes will be valid for 30 days.
  • A purchasing order is required to confirm your booking date.
  • New lab bookings can only be confirmed once all outstanding invoices are paid in full.
  • A 60% deposit of the total quoted amount becomes due immediately once the quote is formally accepted.
  • Testing shall only commence once the 60% deposit has been made and confirmed.
  • The balance amount will be due once your reports are finalized.
  • Test reports / test data will only be released when your account is settled in full.
  • We reserve the right to hold you liable for the full amount quoted if a cancellation is made less than 2 working days before your scheduled test date.
  • In the unfortunate event where a product fails testing early on in the day, we reserve the right to charge you for the full quoted amount.
  • iSERT (Pty) Ltd. shall not be held liable for any damage caused to equipment as a result of testing or due to theft. Some of the tests may result in the product being damaged, we do however try to minimize any possible damage as best we can.
  • Testing will be conducted daily between 08h30 - 16h30.
  • Test samples not collected within 3 months from date of completion will be disposed of.

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