NRCS Letter of Authority (LOA)

Administration Procedure

LOA’s are required by all manufacturers and importers of commodities that fall under the scope of the compulsory specifications (VCs) prior, to the importation and sale of the product.

An LOA will only be issued after the successful evaluation of the product and when the proof of compliance is submitted. A memorandum of agreement between SARS (Customs & Excise) and NRCS also ensures stringent import control, such that no importer will be granted market entry into South Africa for commodities that fall under the scope of the relevant compulsory specifications unless they are in possession of an original valid LOA for the specific commodities.

Note: Non-South African Companies must apply through a South African agent.

InternationalVC 8055: Compulsory Specification (VC) for the safety of electrical and electronic apparatus. The following are examples of standards that are covered by this:
  • SANS IEC 60335: Safety of household appliances, e.g. kettles, irons, stoves, refrigerators, commercial catering equipment, etc.
  • SANS IEC 60065: Safety of audio-visual equipment and similar electronic apparatus, e.g. TV’s, music systems, DVD players, radios
  • SANS IEC 61029: Safety of transportable motor-operated electrical tools, e.g. circular saws, grinders, etc.
  • SANS IEC 60598: Safety of general purpose and fixed luminaries including power factor of SANS 475 (Performance requirements).
  • SANS IEC 60745: Safety of hand-held motor-operated tools, e.g. drills, sanders, etc.
  • SANS IEC 60950: Safety of information technology equipment and related equipment, e.g. computers, printers, copiers, etc.
  • SANS IEC 61010: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use.
  • SANS IEC 61558: Safety requirements for power transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products.