Safety Testing Setup Guide

How to prepare for Safety testing

This setup guide intends to provide you with the minimum submission requirements so that we can start with your safety evaluation

List of Requirements

1. Submit a complete and functional sample.

2. Submit a second sample with the enclosure opened and still functional.

3. Schematic diagrams of your device (PDF preferred).

4. Top and bottom PCB overlay (PDF preferred).

5. Bill of materials / Parts list – List your critical components.

6. Material type of enclosure and flammability class.

7. User / Instruction manual.

8. Service / Maintenance / Repair manual for non-user serviceable products.

9. Drawings of markings and labels (if not already placed on the product)

10. Test report done according to either IEC 62133 or UN38.3 for lithium batteries

Contact details

Please provide us with the contact details of a technical person who can assist us should any questions arise during testing of your product.